Hey Everyone!

Thought I’d start off by saying the following….

I am a big fan of all these actors, Films, and Media Creators. I strongly support all of these artists and their work. Please be sure to check out the Resources Page to check out the Original sources.

That being said… How many of you saw Fast 5? How many of you are waiting patiently for Fast 6? How many of you can’t wait to see Michelle Rodriguez back on the Big Screen? I’ll tell you one thing; I can not wait to see Michelle Rodriguez back in the franchise. It could be just because I think she’s freagn’ hot =P, but after having seen Letty Die in the fourth film, and knowing that she is in fact alive is definitely going to hit Toretto in an Interesting way.

Well all we can do is wait and see what will happen next. In the mean time I have made 3 Trailers for the upcoming Film.

No they’re not “Leaked”  …or… “Official” but  if you see it online as an “Official” or Leaked” Trailer, it’s probably just to get your attention and help the Fan art Spread.. But again… Not a real Trailer… But I do hope that you guys Enjoy!